“Pärla is more than just a restaurant. It is my life story and my journey as a chef and as a person"


- Chef Seumas -

Set on the ultra-luxurious grounds of Iniala Beach House in Thailand, Pärla is a newly-opened fine dining restaurant that offers diners an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Headed by Executive Chef Seumas Smith, the restaurant combines contemporary Nordic and Hebridean cuisine with an innovative dining concept that takes guests on a unique and interactive journey through their meal.

Growing up surrounded by bountiful land on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, Chef Seumas remembers his childhood abundant in traditional homemade meals created by his Swedish grandparents. Inspired by his Hebridean, Norwegian and Swedish heritage, Chef Seumas has created a unique culinary and dining concept for Pärla which pays homage to his grandparents and the indigenous Sami people of Sweden.

At Pärla, we work closely with suppliers and farmers, sourcing some of the best ingredients from near and far. From humble root vegetables to the finest hand-dived Scottish scallops and lobsters, our handpicked selection of ingredients form the core of Pärla’s two seasonal tasting menus, while a variety of in-house preservation techniques – from pickling, salting, curing, smoking to dry aging – are used to enrich the flavours.

Khok Kloi, Takua Thung

Phang-nga 82140


(66) 93 574 0724


Tuesday - Saturday

6:00pm - 9:30pm (last Orders)